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TS-Optics Imaging Star 100mm f/5.8 Quadruplet Apo

13.371,02 RON

Disponibilitate: 4-7 zile

Aparatul apocromat TSQ-100ED pentru astrofotografie ofera un camp de imagine gigantic complet corectat si iluminat.

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Disponibilitate4-7 zile
Specificatii tehnice
Aperture:100 mm
Focal length:580 mm
Focal ratio:f/5.8
Objective:Air-spaced triplet objektive
Field corrector:Single lens field corrector system
Corrected and fully illuminated field:49 mm
Back Focus from 2" connection:125 mm with retracted drawtube
Back Focus from M68 thread connection:145 mm with retracted drawtube
Drawtube travel:46 mm
Clear aperture:77 mm with anti-reflex thread
Connections on the eyepiece site:M78x1 (male), M68x1 (female) threads and 2" and 1,25" adapter
Fine focusing:1/10 micro transmission
Maximum photographic load:6 kg
Tube:painted ultra black inside - length 490 mm (19.25") with retracted dew shield
Weight:only 5.3 kg (10.8 pounds)
Weight of the case:3.5 kg (7.7 pounds)
Size of the case:615 mm x 260 mm x 220 mm
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