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TS-Optics Photoline 72mm f/6 FPL53 with Lanthanum Apo - 2.5" R&P focuser

2.954,61 RON

Disponibilitate: 1-3 zile

Refractor APO compact cu deschidere de 72 mm si raport focal rapid f/6. Telescop de calatorie pentru observare si astrofotografie.

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Disponibilitate1-3 zile
Specificatii tehnice
Lens design:apochromatic doublet with FPL53 and lanthanum glass element
Coating:fully multi-coated
Aperture:72 mm
Focal length:432 mm
Aperture ratio:1/6
Tube material:Aluminium
Tube length without rings:315 mm with retracted dew cap
Tube diameter:77 mm
Dew cap diameter:88.5 mm
Dew cap type:retractable
Tube weight:2.18 kg
Focuser:2,5" rack-and-pinion, dual speed (1/11)
Load bearing of focuser:5 kg
Clamping:Compression ring 2" with 3 knurled screws, 1.25" with 1 knurled screw
Working distance from the 2" receptacle:135 mm with retracted draw tube
Tube travel:73 mm
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